Raspberry Pi Tutorial 1 – An Introduction to Debian Linux

A great beginners guide by RaspberryPiTutorials!


6 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Tutorial 1 – An Introduction to Debian Linux

  1. would love to see how to install windows xp on this… waiting on production model as we speak.
    cant wait to get my hands on some rasberry pi(e), lol

  2. Hello

    The black background of the web site makes it very difficult to read any text on the site.


  3. Hi I grew up on BBC masters (no mere micros for me). I’m now a IT security consultant for blue chip private sector and public sector.
    This magazine is exactly why I ordered a pi for my son (not yet arrived). I fondly remember inputting line by line the code from my latest monthly magazine. Guys keep that element up and you will help get my son hooked, like I was.
    Many thanks

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